Testimonials of Change

Cradle of Prayer Testimonials

“Your ministry is a blessing. Thank you. I am a teacher. I come in early, awaken the computer in my classroom, close the door, and it becomes my altar. Sets the tone for my day.”
Roger H.

“I had been struggling in a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage to a man who is dishonest and who has no intention in making a change to stop his behavior. I was at my wits end. It was beginning to effect every area of my life in a very negative way. I reached out to Father Lewis for guidance and encouragement. I received much more than I anticipated. Father Lewis has faithfully included me in his sending out via email of the morning and evening schedule of prayers. This was new to me. But the blessings in listening to song and the spoken Word has allowed the Holy Spirit to work in me in ways I am forever grateful to this practice for. I was struggling with feeling discouraged, was battling so much condemnation and shame because the evil words that were being spoken over me in this relationship and this practice of prayer has literally become a weapon against it. I have been given clarity and wisdom by His Word and the worship of our Lord has caused me to turn my attentions from the lies to His truth and His eternal Glory instead. This has transformed my prayer life and has given me the strength needed to remove myself from this abusive situation. I even received answer to prayer for the provisions that will allow me to relocate to a new state and have a new start. I have a new found peace and for the first time in months I am sleeping well and I am able to meet outside responsibilities. I was also able to boldly set in place firm boundaries with the abuser and the Lord is protecting me. I have also been able to reconnect with friends that I was isolating myself from. I am able to focus on others and not so internalized and focused on myself. This morning I too forwarded this prayer schedule to a friend of mine who is struggling with a sick husband who has stage 4 cancer. I look forward to witnessing how this will bless her, as well. Thank you.”

“I can only imagine the time and effort that Stacy and Fr. Paul have put into this project.  I can  assure you that, for us, your efforts have been, literally, life changing.  At a time when we were particularly ready for a personal encounter with God, the Holy Spirit introduced us to beauty of the traditional Mass, and, shortly thereafter to daily prayer through Cradle of Prayer  Thanks be to God and to you guys.”
Roy C.  Centerville, TN

I find the recorded office very moving. Thank you for this wonderful ministry to the diasporas of faithful Anglicans.
Mike Heitman


I never dreamed I would get to hear and recite the words of worship from my childhood. Thank you!
Caroline, newly confirmed Anglican


Thank you for this marvelous aid in praying the Morning and Evening Office. I came across it yesterday, Providentially, and find the offices so encouraging, as I pray along. There are times, during Lent, Advent, when others may join me for the Morning or Evening Office. now I can pray with my “unamed” brother and sister, and participate in the chanting of the psalms and canticles. I appreciate your ministry to me, and to the Church.
Fr. Stanley Burdock

Thank you for such a wonderful cyber-ministry.  God bless your service.