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Classic Prayers and Song for Advent and Christmas

Epiphany CD’s LinkReading Prayers at St. John's Episcopal Church, Savannah GA

Reading Prayers at St. John's Church with Rev. Gavin Dunbar

NEW Epiphany CD’s Link

Listen to morning and evening seasonal prayer services in your own intimate and personal setting.

Read from the pages of The 1928 Book of Common Prayer, listeners will hear a psalm, old and and new testament scripture, and prayers read by our pastor and priest, with the acapella soprano singing of canticle chants and psalms.

These daily prayer recordings are truly unique and unlike anything else in the world.

We hope the scriptures come alive for you, while becoming more understandable and heartfelt.

Our CD’s come in MP3 format, and  will play on most computers, newer CD players and car CD players made within the last 3-5 years.

We invite you to listen to a sample:

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Christmas Introduction to Seasonal Prayer CD

The Seasons of Advent and Christmas Double CD Set

Morning and Evening Prayers and Song for the Seasons of Advent and Christmas Double CD Set


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