About Us

Daily Prayer in the Anglican Tradition

The Cradle of Prayer is a place to connect to the ancient order of life in Anglican prayer through the complete morning and evening prayer service including confession, reading of The Lord’s Prayer, the Psalms, and prayers from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP). Select scriptures from the King James Bible are read for the corresponding day, complemented by professionally recorded prayers and song – all ready to download and enjoy in the privacy of  home, car, or on the iPod.

Christian Prayer
The Cradle of Prayer is a non-profit organization filed with the state of North Carolina as Cradle of Prayer, Inc.  The intention of the founders is to bring this prayerful beauty of worship to the ears of any of God’s children in need of His word on a daily basis.  Unlike other services, His power of word and song is delivered in a serene and contemplative way.

The Cradle of Prayer is an independent ministry not sponsored or controlled by any church, diocese, jurisdiction or province. This ministry is privately funded, and is intended to serve to all those with an interest in the traditional Prayer Book of Anglicanism.  As of September 2016 we have been given 5013 non-profit status.  Any donations given since 2013 may be claim them as charitable!  If you would like to contribute to our funding please contact us online or send your contribution to Cradle of Prayer, Inc., Post Office Box 220462 Charlotte, NC 28207.

Please contact us: cradleofprayer [@] gmail.com